Youth/Club Player Development

Youth soccer prep and personal training for players are comprehensive programs that focus on enhancing the skills, knowledge, and physical abilities of aspiring collegiate soccer players. The training emphasizes on the nuances of the game including tactical awareness, technical proficiency, and mental resilience. Additionally, we serve as a vital liaison between the players and colleges in order to maximize the possibilities for future opportunities. We aim to assist young soccer players at this stage of their career by providing guidance on the college recruitment process, connecting them with suitable college programs, and helping them showcase their abilities effectively to college coaches.

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College/Professional Combines

A college/pro soccer combine with a favorable player to coach ratio is an invaluable opportunity for aspiring soccer players to showcase their skills and talents in front of experienced coaches and scouts. Supernova Sport LLC is dedicated to providing this ideal environment and ensuring that each player receives ample attention and guidance from the coaching staff. Unlike other programs, Supernova Sport LLC goes above and beyond by committing to the players beyond the camps. They serve as a reliable point of contact, continuing to work on behalf of their clients by providing ongoing support and assisting in furthering their soccer careers. This commitment sets Supernova Sport LLC apart, as they prioritize the long-term development and success of their players, making them a trusted partner in the journey towards achieving professional or college soccer aspirations.

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Player Management Services

The player management services offered by Supernova Sport LLC stem from personal and professional experience acquired over years by the Co-Founders. The staff at Supernova Sport LLC have been involved in training and coaching soccer players of all ages and at all levels. We can provide a career roadmap from young aspiring players all the way to the professional level including international opportunities that provide a vital stepping stone in a players career. We understand the obstacles that motivated soccer players face in their journey to success including conflicts of position within a team, performance feedback, settling into unfamiliar environments when playing internationally, and the general highs and lows on a day to day basis among many others. We strive to provide the necessary guidance that players at all levels need and let them know that they are not alone on their journey to greatness.